Lecture – June 30 2023

Michael Duigan
Herodotus on the war between the Greeks and the Persians
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Lecture – May 26 2023

Jacqui Pearce: Museum of London Archaeology
Top archaeological ceramics from 50 years of excavation in London.
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Study tour to Scottish Borders – April 2023

Details of a field trip to the Scottish Boarders, to be led by Scott McCracken, are now available by clicking here. It is open to members of EMAS, but any non-member who would like to participate may do so by also applying to become a member.

This tour is now fully booked, but you may apply to be added to the reserve list in case any members drop out.

Orkney Study Tour – April 2022 – Postscript

For those who didn’t go on the tour, but who might be interested in knowing something about it, downloadable copies (pdf) of an illustrated brochure provided to the participants, containing a summary of each site visited, and a report on the study tour written by one of the participants are now available from the website. Please click here for the links to these files.