Lecture – May 26 2023

Jacqui Pearce

Top archaeological ceramics from 50 years of excavation in London

The lecture will be on May 26 at 7.00pm
in the Fenner Brockway Room, Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square, WC1R 4RL.

Jacqui is the Senior Specialist -Medieval and Later Ceramics and Finds at MOLA. She is an internationally renowned expert in medieval and later ceramics, glass and clay tobacco pipes. Her role involves research, publication and editing, in addition to the assessment of finds from current excavations. She has wide-ranging experience of medieval and later pottery and has been involved in the establishment and maintenance of the MOLA Fabric Reference Collection, the main pottery type-series for the London area. In addition, she has developed a detailed recording system for clay pipes in line with national guidelines and that was instrumental in the establishment of the Museum of London’s Clay Tobacco Pipe Makers’ Marks website.

Jacqui has provided the following synopsis of her lecture.

Since the 1970s, archaeological excavation in London has uncovered a vast quantity of pottery from all periods. This talk aims to focus on some of the most unusual, informative and exciting pottery dating to the medieval and early post-medieval periods. These cover a wide range of functions, from cooking ,and eating food, to drinking, heating and lighting the home, and even feeding chickens. Both complete vessels and tantalising fragments illustrate the everyday lives of Londoners from the time of King Alfred through to the Georgian period

As usual, this lecture is free of charge for EMAS members, while non-members are asked to pay a fee of £3 in cash at the lecture.

We would be grateful if you could send an email to secretary@emasarchaeology.org to let us know that you are planning to attend. We hope to see you there.